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Published monthly, the Dementia Details Dispatch is a free newsletter written especially for Dementia caregivers to keep you updated on the latest developments in the field of Dementia, including newest drugs, studies, suggested articles and books, support groups and tips to help handle the daily stress of being a caregiver. 

2018 Dementia Details Dispatch Newsletters 

Dear Friends, 

Did you have a couple of “A-HA” moments this past year? I know several professionals and caregivers who changed many things in their lives. It may have been due to the hurricanes that plagued us or finding that nugget of wisdom that made us want to switch gears. I know that my recent a-ha moments came when I was enjoying some special down time with a friend from high school years. We shared so much history and talked about our parents, grandmothers and now her grandchildren. How far life has taken us! How much we have learned and how much we still have to offer others. It was a beautiful friendship then and today it means even more to us. We do not take this life-long friendship for granted. We cherish each visit (only once or twice a year since she still lives in Chicago), and look forward to the next chapters of our lives, It will be full of more a-ha moments since we are both open and curious about new ideas and paths that we may need to explore. Do you have a person you need to embrace, or reach out to again? Allow your inner chatter to quiet down and take action on that A-HA feeling. What special and wonderful life moments this can become.

Light for the Journey - Courage for the Soul


Karen Truman, PhD -- President

Dementia Caregiver Resources, Inc.  501(c)(3)

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