Florida Medicaid laws can be very confusing for long-term care planning. When a nursing home or assisted living community is going to be our Loved Ones’ new home, then some thoughts and pre-planning need to be done to make the transition smooth and less “painful” financially.

Getting a Loved One’s legal, financial and other assets protected can take a family through a “maze” of dead-ends, mistakes and mis-information. It can spell disaster. Our best advice is to ask professionals, friends, family and other trusted advisors about seeing an Elder Law Attorney. This will save a lot of headache and heartaches in the Medicaid, Medicare maze. Preserving assets, avoiding tax penalties’; not losing the homestead because you made an address change; and often tithing and gifting monies for a certain look-back time-frame can create penalties – these are all critical and often not handled correctly which can lead to denial of benefits and unforeseen consequences. Elder Law attorneys understand these issues, and can access often “hidden” resources you were not aware of under Veterans’ benefits, Area Agencies on Aging, Adult Day Care, and much more.

We have worked closely for over 20 years with Elder Law Attorney Sean W. Scott. If you would like a free consult via phone, internet, or in-person, please give his office a call to set up an appointment:

Sean W. Scott, Esq.


Since 1990, WLAW PA, has focused on meeting the needs of our aging population including qualifying clients for Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home care, assisted living and home care.