What's with the Flamingos?

You may have noticed that flamingos grace the cover of our book,

As a native Chicagoan who moved to the sunny climes of Florida, I fell in love with flamingos.  Live and plastic flamingos have a special place in Florida history.  They are still featured on countless postcards, at Florida tourist attractions, and as lovely lawn ornaments.
For us, flamingos are fun, full of mischief, "flabulous" and shout pink. What better logo is there to provide some levity to a very serious subject as well as create a very memorable image?
Some people call me, Karen (Karle) Truman, the "Flamingo Goddess," a title worn with great pride.  That's because I strongly believe that caregivers should know that it is still permissible to have fun!
So next time you see flamingos, we hope it brings a smile to both your face and your heart.

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